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missphelps 09-18-2019 10:39 PM

Torrent s5 pH graph
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Hi there,
I am adding my pH graph after initialization (*Attach Files).
Are these values good ? pH values about 7,5 -and that is good- but I cannot sure about the graph.
What is your opinion? Thanks !

Bastiaan 09-23-2019 12:23 AM

Hi missphelps,

Thermo Fisher recommends not to use the init plot as it can be open to misinterpretation. Saying that, your graph shows a typical reagent check profile with the nucs rising steeply before decreasing. The purple W2 line should also rise quite steeply before stabilizing.

If the graph deviates a lot from what I describe above (for instance when the signal is very messy or noisy), then it is recommended to repeat the reagent check from the System Tools menu. Often it will look better after repeating the reagent check. When the results don't improve, then reach out to the Thermo Fisher Technical Support team.

BioHak 09-27-2019 11:15 AM

Hello missphelps,
Hope you didn't waste a chip on that run. The signal differential between all of your nucleotides and the wash buffer should be close to 1000 or greater for any cartridge on the S5.

Good luck...

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