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casim 04-05-2013 12:35 AM

Cambridge Area Sequencing Informatics Meeting 15th April
On Monday 15th April we will be holding the 5th Cambridge Area Sequencing Informatics meeting in the Mathematical Sciences Department of Cambridge University.

This meeting is unusual in that it comprises mostly large moderated group discussions of sequencing informatics related topics, rather than the usual structure of talks.

This year we're extending the interactive component of the meeting by having the meeting attendees send in questions or suggested discussion topics when they register and using these as the basic structure for the meeting.

Furthermore - because we only have one day to do this discussion and we don't expect to exhaust what we can say about the questions which have been asked we're going to try to keep the discussion going on SeqAnswers afterwards. We'll therefore be posting the submitted questions (after cleaning, deduplicating etc) to this forum and will try to summarise the discussion at the meeting, but then we'll open this up to the SeqAnswers community for further comment. You will therefore see a pretty large influx of thread submissions from this account around the 15th April to this forum.

If anyone would be interested in coming to the meeting there are still a few spaces available. More details about the meeting can be found here.

If you can't come to the meeting but would like to suggest a question you can post it in this forum or send it to and we'll post it here after we've collated all of the attendee suggestions.

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