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tfh002 12-27-2015 01:53 PM

Cytoscape tutor for almost blind student needed

I am an almost blind bioinformatics student. I need to learn Cytoscape for my PhD dissertation. But since my remaining vision is very limited I cannot follow the available online tutorials because my text to speech software, on which I am depending to access electronic information because I am legally blind, cannot read many portions out aloud to me. Therefore, I am looking for somebody, who could teach me remotely using Team Viewer 5 and Skype.

If you are interested or if you know of someone, who might be, could you please contact me directly via Skype at tfh002 or via email at because my text to speech software also has problems to read out all parts of this forum website to me?

I thank you very much in advance for considering assisting me in continuing my education despite being almost blind.

With very warm regards,

Thomas Hahn
Skype ID: tfh002

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