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vimac 05-29-2017 04:08 AM

Metavelvet not producing "meta-velvetg.contigs.fa"
Hi everyone :)

I'm having problems running Metavelvet on my Ubuntu 14/Biolinux 8 (64GB RAM)

I follow the tutorial step by step from using the sample data they provide.

Velveth and velvetg work fine and I obtain the Graph2 file used in metavelvet. However, after running metavelvet (without apparent error) I do not get the "meta-velvetg.contigs.fa" I do get the "meta-velvetg.split-stats.txt" and "meta-velvetg.Graph2-stats.txt"

I've seen this other post where they say that it might have to do with the compiler gcc version. I currently have gcc 4.9 but apparently metavelvet can only run with gcc 4.6 or lower. I tried downgrading to gcc 4.6 but for what I have read it is not that easy nor advisable to downgrade gcc.

Any ideas how can I solve this problem? Is there a way to specifically install metavelvet using the gcc 4.6?


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