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tujchl 08-25-2013 08:54 PM

where I can do my analysis as before in TCGA data browser

I was used to use data browser in TCGA to see differential expression in cancer (AgilentG4502A_07 log2 tumor/normal ratio) but recently I found that data browser had disappeared.
My question is where I can do my analysis as before. My focus is on AgilentG4502A_07 log2 tumor/normal ratio.


GenePool 03-27-2014 10:56 AM


If you're interested in working with TCGA expression data, you might be interested in checking out the free genomics reference library that Station X has recently launched as part of GenePool. It includes the TCGA RNA-Seq data and along with sample metadata that has been curated and linked to each of the samples. I trust you'll find that GenePool is making it easy to work with large cohorts of genomics data, including the TCGA cohorts, and run the sort of analysis you're describing.

For more information about GenePool's growing genomics library, check out the following threads:

GenePool is making genomics data management, analysis, and sharing easier!
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