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krutipedali 12-27-2016 03:52 AM

On-Plate ATAC-seq
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Could anyone please drop any comments on libraries that i have prepared using on-plate ATAC protocol (DOI: 10.1186/s13059-015-0840-9). Libraries seem to be overtagmented, but i would like to receive any comment considering their sequencibility and further actions of optimising tagmentation protocol. This time i used standard NEXTERA protocol(2,5ul of enzyme) and 50000 HeLa cells.

Thanks in advance.

Dampor 02-23-2017 04:26 AM

did you get any feedback on those libraries?
I have got something similar but from different cells.
Did you sequenced them at the end? if yes, how was the result?


krutipedali 02-28-2017 05:16 AM

No, those libraries haven`t been sent for sequencing. Instead we have produced another samples. The thing is they are the way too overtagmented, so go down with incubation time(even to 5-10 minutes) or try removing permeabilization step.

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