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So.. no this issue is not resolved. I have an email from Illumina today which I will summarise.

The issue is that there is a byproduct in their manufacturing process of fluorescent nucleotides. This byproduct results in NON-CLEAVABLE NTPs - so they limit strand growth. Obviously this has limited effects on the number of clusters per cycle, but does become more acute on 600 cycle kits as the problem 'builds'. You get a lower cluster density, and lower Q30 and higher error rates on the later cycles.

Illumina can now *detect* this byproduct and know what levels impact performance, which sounds to me like there might be batch to batch variation, and have put in place measures to screen for it, therefore they are still expecting improvements 'in the near future' as newer material hits the manufacture pipeline. I am also told there will be a new announcement soon, with new timelines for resolution.
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