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Default Differences between sonicators?


I'm new here and looking for advice on fragmenting chromatin. We plan to do quite a bit of ChIPseq to identify transcription factor binding sites. We are not aiming at high-throughput work with plates etc. Instead, we work mostly with limited amount of cells (human blood or tissue samples). Hence our primary concern is to maintain the high quality of DNA during shearing and prevent sample loss. The aim is to go for Illumina sequencing.

I would be very glad if you could give some advice on sonicators. The one that we have at the moment is probably not suitable for the purpose (a large open 9l waterbath, 230V 50Hz 1100W). I have been looking around and all the suppliers can demonstrate nice gel pictures. I would really appreciate to hear real life user experience. The brands/models that I found are

*EpiSonic Multi-Functional Bioprocessor 1000
*EpiShear Multi-Sample Sonicator with chiller
*Epishear probe sonicator with cooling device

We will at most do 10 samples at a time, so I wonder whether some of the devices would be an over-kill for us? The prices are really different.

Is there a big difference in water bath based devices (ie the bioprocessor) versus cup horn like devices?

Thanks a lot for help!
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