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We have used the Bioruptor for years. However, since we switched from ChIPchip to ChIPSeq we got increasingly unhappy with it. I guess it is due to increased shearing as we needed smaller fragments for library preparation (700 bp for ChIPchip, 200 for ChIPSeq). So we had to shear using 50-60 cycles instead of 15-25. Apparently the/our bioruptors did suffer and had increasing performance problems after some time of usage (i.e. after few months the initial good performance was completely gone). Unfortunately the company does not really have a clue what is/was going on. They were very helpful replacing instruments but we were not happy with the overall unstable situation. If you consider the bioruptor I would strongly recommend to talk to bioruptor users that have roughly similar protocol and sample turnover that you will have. If you can foresee that machine running time will be little, you might consider to obtain it, if you plan 24/7 usage, I would recommend to look for alternatives.

We recently got a Covaris S220. Chromatin prepared with it can be very very nice. Best 200-250 fragments ever seen. However, at present the reproducibility is far from what company promised. But we are trying to find the source of variation. In addition, the S200 machines are single sample processors. We have 30 mins of shearing, i.e. with more than 5 samples chromatin fragmentation gets a bit annoying. Multiple sample Covaris machines are far too expensive for us.
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