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Originally Posted by gringer View Post
If it is assumed that it was on a different system from the MinION (e.g. on a single isolated pore) with a run time in excess of ~30h, you're welcome to take an order of magnitude off my estimates (so still one more to go, assuming a somewhat pessimistic calculation).
Here's an article that mentions tens of gigabases of sequence per day on a single GridION node with 2000 pores:

This works out to 5 megabases per pore per day (assuming full pore occupancy), or about 200kb per hour. At this rate, a 100kb sequence should complete in the 6-hour run time of a MinION (even if assuming a 1/10th read speed compared to the GridION cartridges), so I'm going to stick with my initial "plausible, based on press releases" thoughts.

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