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Maybe. There is not enough data here to answer the question. How did you determine the expected genome size? What is the variation in known genome sizes?

Have a look at:[Organism]&cmd=DetailsSearch

median total length (Mb): 4.13745

Type strain is 4.22Mb

Now go here:

Smallest genome is 2.68Mb. Largest is 5.4Mb (ignoring the chimeric one) - but the bulk are 3.8Mb to 4.5Mb - 0.7Mb difference in a relatively small genome.

So I'd look at the variation in the published genomes to decide. The example above is just to show methodology not to start a discussion on the completeness of genomes or genome plasticity in B.subtilis

But your assemblies could be very different in terms of content for a number of reasons, and without assessing them it is impossible to say what is 'expected'
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