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The costs you have stated are per sequencing run, not per sample (i.e. $100 per run + $56 per run), so divide those numbers by six; please re-read the post that you replied to.

If bacterial genome sequencing is done from colonies, there should be no problems multiplexing 12 samples on each run. A 30X coverage Pseudomonas sequencing run multiplexed 12 times would need about 2 Gb of sequencing, which is achievable on the MinION with even the rapid kit.

This is the kit that can be used for that (including barcoding):

No Pippin prep needed; the transposase fragments the DNA and adds barcode sequence at the same time.

Ignore the costs stated on that product page, it's $672 for six runs of 12 barcodes (i.e. 72 samples in total), so $9.33 per sample for kit costs, and $75 per sample for flow cell costs (assuming the most expensive flow cell).

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