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Below is the format for the csv file that corresponds to the heat map attached. I actually used SAS to get significant gene list, then calculated the log2-fold change. Then I took my functional bin file and averaged the log2FC for all gene in each functional bin. For you this may be different if you have a small enough gene list to put them all into R for the heat map. I averaged the log2FC per functional bin in excel using the AVERAGEIF function. The csv file I used in the R code is shown below (first few columns):

BINS Temp O3 Dri
Photosynthesis -0.072744049 -0.08157151 -0.058550079
Major Carbohydrates 0.388367819 0.024638472 0.055159953
Minor Carbohydrates 0.122830981 0.148760853 -0.048417891

I hope this helps!
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