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Default cant find SOAP site in canada

this program is supposed to be available at

but cant access the site

i was handed a file for a resequencing project for a microcystis strain that doesnt produce toxins ... i dont have the solexa software ... i ran a program called rmap using a fasta version i created of the solexa file against the published m.aer 6megbase genome and the sequences look promising ... so how do people who dont have the solexa software align their sequences? i have 5,130,912 sequences of 36 bases each ... rmap identifies about 120,000 of them as having nomismatches with the published genome ... about 360,000 have 1 or none mismatches ... the rmap output has start and stop positions and an indicator of the strand ...

i am thinking it would be easier to do this with a program like SOAP if it were publicly available ... ?

any suggestions ?

thanks a bunch in advance

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