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difficult to say what you mean with these boxes.
However, if you have 600 genes, it will be neigh impossible to display them on a screen. Let's assume your gene label needs to be 5 pixels high, then displaying 600 genes would require 3000 pixels in y-direction much more than even a 'retina' macbook has. Using the absolute minimum of 4 pixels (which looks really bad just google 4px font, I am not sure if R has such a font) you still weren't able to display this correctly. (And in your jpeg you would just manage 8inch high by 300dpi =2400 pixels = 4* 600)

If you are fine with panning and zooming around in your jpeg you might try the different cex parameters. (But increase the size, and best use pixels as image size, as this is easier to calculate)

OTOH the soy gene you give as an example is probably not even worth showing (hardly any changes, is it significant??) so you might want to look at
some more filtering.

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