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Default SOAP: short oligonucleotide alignment program.

New paper out describing a new alignment tool. I don't have a subscription to Bioinformatics, so I must be content with the abstract until I can dig up the paper...

MOTIVATION: We have developed a program SOAP for efficient gapped and ungapped alignment of short oligonucleotides onto reference sequences. The program is designed to handle the huge amounts of short reads generated by parallel sequencing using the new generation Illumina-Solexa sequencing technology. SOAP is compatible with numerous applications, including single-read or pair-end resequencing, small RNA discovery, and mRNA tag sequence mapping. SOAP is a command-driven program, which supports multithreaded parallel computing, and has a batch module for multiple query sets. AVAILABILITY: CONTACT:

edit: Due to intermittent downtime of the original SOAP site above, I've hosted the current tar file as an attachment here. If the author has any problem with this please let me know.
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