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Default seqMINER: An integrated ChIP-seq data interpretation platform

Dear seqANSWER community members.

We have created a tool to help ChIP-seq datasets interpretation. The tool is handy, multi platform and installation free (Java virtual machine).
It's helpful in many applications where multiple datasets needs to be compared.

You can download seqMINER and have more details in

Briefly seqMINER is an integrated portable ChIP-seq data interpretation platform with optimized performances for efficient handling of multiple genomewide datasets. seqMINER allows comparison and integration of multiple ChIP-seq datasets and extraction of qualitative as well as quantitative information. seqMINER can handle the biological complexity of most experimental situations and proposes supervised methods to the user in data categorization according to the analysed features. In addition, through multiple graphical representations, seqMINER allows visualisation and modelling of general as well as specific patterns in a given dataset. Moreover, seqMINER proposes a module to quantitatively analyse correlations and differences between datasets.

I hope it will help some of you. We are open to bug report, suggestions...


Arnaud and Tao
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