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Default Null pointer exception in Java TreeView

Hi all,
I'm trying to K-means cluster some data using Cluster 3.0, then view it using Java TreeView (assorted links to software here, but when I load the results of the clustering into TreeView, I get the following error:

loading /LabStuff/Data/Spring2013/25um_spacers_K_G20.cdt ... 
Finding Cdt Dimensions
Got null header, setting to empty string
error parsing File: LoadException 1: Error Parsing CDT: java.lang.NullPointerException
parse cannot succeed. please fix.
Any idea how to fix this? The cdt and kgg files are on dropbox at:


EDIT: Alternatively, if anyone has any clustering/heatmapping software that they're happy with for exploring data, I'm certainly open to switching

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