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James W. MacDonald
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Default Error during Bfast match step

I get the following error when running the match step of bfast:

Searching index file 10/10 (index #10, bin #1)...
Reading index from /u1/reference/bfast/gatk/Homo_sapiens_assembly18_norandom.fasta.cs.10.1.bif.
Read index from /u1/reference/bfast/gatk/Homo_sapiens_assembly18_norandom.fasta.cs.10.1.bif.
Reads processed: 70250000************************************************************
In function "RGMatchPrint": Fatal Error[WriteFileError]. Message: Could not write m->readLength, m->qualLength, m->read, m->qual, m->maxReached, and m->numEntries.
The file stream error was:: Input/output error
***** Exiting due to errors *****

Any suggestions?

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