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Originally Posted by Jubs View Post
Hi Jimmie,

No, I have only sequenced the library that gave best results. I agree it would be nice to have technical replicates with the different detergent concentrations, but, you know, money... :P

I measured mtDNA by qPCR, and the only 'useful' information I have is the obvious: more detergent, less mtDNA (plus, with no detergent at all, mtDNA goes up to the roof).

And in agreement with what I said in my previous reply, the more mtDNA, the higher the enrichments of regions of interest. So, in samples with high mtDNA, the fold enrichments of regions of interest are higher than in samples with less mtDNA.

Hi Jubs,

How did you measure the mtDNA content with qPCR. Was it an absolute measurement or a relative comparison? I've been thinking of doing a qPCR for a housekeeping gDNA gene and a mtDNA gene and comparing the relative expression. But will this give me a true indication of the % of mtDNA I have?

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