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Default input files for IMAGE

Hi everybody,

I'm currently working on the assembly of two bacterial genome sequences from an illumina GAIIx sequencer. I have made a de novo assembly of the 50bp paired end reads with velvet and now would like to try to close some gaps with IMAGE.

In the very short description of IMAGE i found the following necessary input files:
a contigs.fa.original file in FASTA format.
a read.placed.original file containing a list of contigs within supercontigs.
Paired end Illumina fastq files (should be unzipped)

From Velvet I got the contigs.fa file and I have Paired end fastq files, but from which program will I get a read.placed.original file? Or did I miss some options for velvet?

I'm still quite new in the field of bioinformatics and not used to use linux, so could you please explain everything very simple

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