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Default DNA quality for exome sequencing

Hi all,

I have an exome project upcoming. I sent the sequencing facility 0.8% gel images of the DNA I have extracted (attached for reference). Obviously, some are better than others. But the facility reckon all are not of high enough quality. Nanodrop (I know...) says those that are of decent visual quality (eg 7, 9, 13, 14, 16, 1, 2) are above 200ng/ul, and 260:280 are over 1.8. I extracted with Zymo Miniprep kit.

My question: how long is a piece of string. Or, what sort of quality thresholds are typically used in your lab/facility for exome sequencing. Do all my samples look bad enough not to bother with? I have only ever used DNA for PCR/Sanger sequencing, and thought that at least those samples listed would be ok?

Tissue is liver, samples are from 2009, have been stored -80 since then. RNA seq has been done on them with no issues (ie all RNA samples RINs >8, libraries of good size and quality and QC by KAPA).

Your input is very much appreciated.
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