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Default Pippen Prep and small RNA cleanup

Hi Marike,

Your post was made quite a long time ago so I hope that your have resolved the problem and can help me. I am currently trying to do the same thing. I set up the Pippen Prep using a broad range size selection setting the parameters to 110bp start and 160bp end. I pooled all my miRNA libraries before loading on the gel for a total load of about 1ug/lane. I ended up with a very nice sharp peak as viewed by the Tape Station, however the peak is at 119bp, which is quite a bit off from 144-150bp. I am hoping there is a shift between the peak that the Tape Station shows and what the Pippen Prep collected and that my end product is really the correct size. I am getting ready to run PAGE as the illumina protocol suggests and see where this peak I collected runs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I would love to use the Pippen Prep for cleanup.

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