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Info from Illumina:

The MiniSeq is similar to the technology utilised with our NextSeq platform based on 2-channel SBS chemistry.

Pricing Information

MiniSeq System (SY-420-1001): £35,653
MiniSeq Basic Plan (20004132): £3,350 for 1 additional year’s cover
MiniSeq Comprehensive Plan (20004133): £4,021 for 1 additional year’s cover

High Output Kit 	2 x 150 (300bp)	7.5	25	FC-420-1003	1,046
High Output Kit 	2 x 75 (150 bp)	3.75	25	FC-420-1002	652
High Output Kit 	1 x 75 (75 bp)	1.875	25	FC-420-1001	558
Mid  Output Kit	2 x 150 (300 bp)	2.4	8	FC-420-1004	384
So upfront and service costs are half a MiSeq.
Output for counting experiments is the same as MiSeq v3 chemistry (25 M reads)
The only thing it lacks are long paired reads 2x300 bp (but those kits are failing at the moment anyway...) and with NexteraXT many of our fragments are shorter than 300 bp anyway...

I think knowing what I know now...I'd probably buy one...specs are only going to improve.
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