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Default Problem creating index files from reference genome using miRDeep*

Hi guys,

I am using miRDeep and i wanted to create index files to be used in miRDeep*. But i am getting an error every time i execute the command

This is their instructions on the mannual how to do it:

1. genome_test is a demo data directory. there are two fasta files chrM.fa and chrY.fa. you can put your own genome reference files in this directory chromosome by chromosome.
2. type command below:
> java -jar -Xmx4g build_bwt_idx.jar genome_test
for the option Xmx4g. you can change the amount based on how much memory your computer has
3. copy whole directory genome_test under miRDeep_star's genome directory. you can change genome_test if you like.

Now this is what i used in the command line:

java -jar ~/Downloads/build_bwt_idx_v31/build_bwt_idx.jar ~/Downloads/build_bwt_idx_v31/genome/genome_test

here is the output with error message:

Apr 07, 2016 6:12:07 PM build_bwt_idx.Build_bwt_idx main
SEVERE: null genome/home/amm/Downloads/build_bwt_idx_v31/genome/FM_profile.idx (No such file or directory)
at Method)
at bowtie.create_BWT_Index.createIdx(
at build_bwt_idx.Build_bwt_idx.main(


I checked the path to the file, it is correct. Also, i omitted the Xmx4g option because i am using a super computer. Just for an exploratory purpose, i still used Xmx4g option but i get the very same error.

Anyone knows what this error means and how to rectify it?
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