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NGS mostly are text processing (doesn't matter if binary or compressed), so I/O is the bottleneck (no matter in house or to the Internet).

SETI (or maybe Folding@Home), a small data file will make CPU happy for a while.

Cloud (Amazon or whatever), is a business model that buy large amount of white box servers and rent out in 1 hour unit, it does not use fancy hardware, it does not upgrade until the previous investment is back.

So today's situation is like this:
1, for a 4TB harddrive, you can only get 100MB/s sequential read out of it.
2, you might have a PB sized array in house, but you only have 1Gb Internet connection to the world.
3, this won't change for some years.
4, LHC's infrastructure, is the extreme/limit for now, anything they can't do/afford, no one can.
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