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Brenner questioned the ability of computational approaches to derive functional knowledge from genomic sequence alone--a "hideously difficult task," he said--because some problems are simply "not soluble or computable." The future, according to Brenner, requires going back to the bench. Old-fashioned data on the biochemistry of the cell would then be used to flesh out ... ...
Just found that ^^ on the link that I've posted on my Introduction.

Sydney is a little :-) special and Sydney is correct.

We just needed to think about the problem (what Simpson's Bart might consider sitting in deep thought on a park bench) NOT generate phenomenally large (phenomenally difficult to organise) amounts of data.

I suppose it's only right that since Cambridge gave over the #1 biologic via CAT and the #1 NGS technique via Solexa ... ... that Cambers should provide the correct answer ... ... third time lucky ... ... John M and David B. won't mind - they're both jolly decent chaps.


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