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I am not working in this field, but to me these ideas have some charm. I am curious about any supporting data.

Originally Posted by -SB- View Post
Hi chaps,
I'm going to keep this short and sweet.
After 30 years of doing what you guys do and surfing from radioactive sequencing through into the world of nanopore and passing through countless academic groups, biotech and pharmaceutical corporations using the same ultra-high throughput techniques (from FRET to PHRED) - I think that a single, simple answer is about to emerge.

From a strict perspective of health (the diseases of Western living)

There are 2 metabolic biochemical states (in effect 'FED' (high GI carb + protein or the Ins/IGF-1 promoting state) and 'FASTED' states (recapitulated through a certain profile of low GI veggie and certain types of oil)).
  1. These 2 biochemical states drive 2 mutually exclusive genetic networks.
  2. The 'FED' network gives rise to growth (and internal damage through consequence of increased energy (ROS etc) expenditure).
  3. The 'FASTED' network gives rise to internal house-keeping procedures.
  4. The 'FASTED' state is (naturally) essential for health.
  5. The 'FASTED' state can't be recapitulated in 'FED' state as they're fundamentally mutually exclusive like binary 1 and 0.
  6. In the absence of awareness of these 2 genetic networks, ALL drug discovery programs (clinical trials) (testing people in the 'FED' not 'FASTED' state are off).
  7. --- example --- Imagine if TNFa (the current #1 selling drug is anti-TNFa) is essential for infectious disease clearance, tumour surveillance in 'FASTED' state ie is essential for health in the 'FASTED' state and we introduce an inhibitor for it - we're destroying our own capacity to 'clean' ourselves.

The two heavyweight champions of the world - NGS and biologics appear to have an issue with one another - much like NGS and CRISPR in the last heavyweight belt unification bout - thanks to one of Allan B's latest papers where NGS emerged supreme. Am wondering whether PacBio's lovely long reads will topple Illumina ... ... it's all happening, isn't it ?
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