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Originally Posted by luc View Post
Thanks for the links!

A zillion other links if you like.

It's what happens when you're bored out of your skull in the usual lab meeting watching people infer the Universe from failed Western blots.

When we started all of this - we had thought that disease genes 'd fall out of the genome. Didn't happen. And because where 'if all you have is a hammer ... ... ...' meets 'the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and ... ... ...' - this sort of 'science' happens - I think it was announced yesterday.

Ironically, the genomics revolution was sold as the silver bullet towards identifying targets for intervention - it has (instead!) identified just how very complicated human beings are.
The complexity is impressive - however we need not focus on the complexity - simply the existence of 2 tracks - cellular damage accumulation and cellular damage clearance.

The science of assessing health improvement rather than microscopic analysis of the disease state; if we focus on health improvement - then the disease state never will arise.

The solution to disease arises through making the connection between biochemistry and genetics through metabolic profile arising as a consequence of lifestyle (essentially quantity and quality of food, exercise and moral/social functioning) choices.

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