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Ruby on autophagy.

- the idea in this thread is of such great importance.

The interest which lead to NGS emerging is based around the money it was hoped would be made through diagnostics and therapeutics.
Pharma dreaming of blockbusters to power their exec's lavish lifestyles.

The idea put forwards in this thread squarely rejects the idea of both Dx and Rx and suggests that lifestyle change is absolutely required for human health ... ... that is - that we've 2 mutually exclusive Systems Networks ... ... therefore only natural and not artificial intervention can work to switch us from one into the other.

This idea (ie need to have a very large number of susceptibility loci) was the basis to the statistical model of the quantitative trait exactly 100 years ago.

An infinite (large) number of loci each contributing either a positive (+1) or a negative (-1) effect on a quantitative trait. Arrange all loci randomly to Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium and a quantitative trait results. So ... ... an infinite (large) number of loci giving rise to quantitative variation in any given trait.

Fisher’s article (1918)[1] and its easier to understand summary [2] are landmark papers that founded the field of quantitative genetics, or in modern parlance, complex trait genetics.
[Their purpose] to derive the theory of the resemblance between relatives due to their genetic covariance at 1, 2 and many loci

Happy 100th birthday pretty much today (early October 1918).A very big deal - perhaps the most important publication in genetics ? alongside Galton's & Mendel's publications both from 1868.

Oh my ... ... Happy 150 years of age to these papers also !

The idea in this thread vindicates Fisher at least in the sense that the complex trait arises through whole genome-wide distribution; there're no key loci - and the solution to the problem (of disease) - arises through embracing the existence of 2 system-wide networks and living one's life accordingly.

Lots of articles on accessing autophagy/apoptosis on the internet.

Is there an easier way ?
Nah. But there’s a lot money to be made if researchers can distill the benefits of autophagy into a pill, so you can be sure they’re trying.
If we strengthen physiological resilience - we never actually acquire disease - hence diagnostics/therapeutics are no longer required.

As the research proposal above suggests - we can reinvent NGS as a measure of how frightfully healthy we are ... ... which'd be nice to know.
At least to validate interventions - is 15 mins HIIT (FASTed state) as good as an hour run (FASTed state) ?
But as far as disease research - well - we have the solution to disease now.

What we needed was the realization that we absolutely need to make lifestyle changes ... that the combination of detection / therapeutic can not work - such that we'd make the necessary changes to make disease a thing of the past.

Bye bye disease hello ever increasing health - as measured by NGS.

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