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Originally Posted by mysentimentsexactly View Post
Great post I would like to thank you.

Love science - and there's going to have to be a realization at some point - that we've stumbled upon the right answer.
There are 2 metabolic biochemical states (in effect 'FED' (high GI carb + protein or the Ins/IGF-1 promoting state) and 'FASTED' states (recapitulated through a certain profile of low GI veggie and certain types of oil)).
The right answer being a preventative scheme which'll eradicate disease. And that we're too complicated to 'fix' or 'cure' disease.
I'm sure there're a good few people on this forum that're going insane with the level of complexity that's found when we combine all of our current ultra-high throughput tools.

It was bad enough 30 years ago - but now we're drowning in data - and it's a relief that we've sufficient evidence in the background to suggest that there's another way around - a way that will work.

I've tried the idea out in real life with many scientists - all agree - but none can do anything because it's the opposite paradigm to the one which pays the bills.

I've continued this thread on the longecity forum - as the idea runs in parallel with the only proven mechanism for extending longevity in every eukaryotic model studied to date.

ps thread copied here also


pps Just looked at the first post - and I think Illumina have bought PacBio since - they've obviously spotted the problem.

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