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If I were to describe where I'm at.

[Q1] I would need some evidence on what the ideal FASTing regime is (? 4 days each week ?)
[Q2] And whether it's best to remain in ketosis for life or [Q2b] whether we should drop out from time to time.

The ridiculously over-sized A3 page above is the experiment I'd need to attempt.

NGS can be used to define how to make human beings better than normal - rather than how to study frank pathophysiological states.
If we're supra-normal - of course the issue of disease won't come up.

Why do I think it might be good to step out of ketosis occasionally ie ? a monthly feast of :-) ... ... wait for it ... ... bread!! - just wondering whether the dedifferentiation into stem cells need be redifferentiated in an IIS environment ie that we need engage IIS with a few slices of bread - drop out of ketosis and re-instate any cells we've removed.

Just to illustrate how we're about to see a change in direction in medical research - take a look at Weissenbach - helped to generate our original maps of the genome - and has now shifted in true French style into studying the effects of diet on the gut biome where ... ... ... Partridge has shifted things on yet further.


What's the problem we're having ? The world's medical researchers don't want to offer the conclusion (as described in this thread) - because they're worried that they'll then be out of a job.
Now - for the record - all people will be out of a job.
And for the record medical researchers SHOULD fear unemployment - a training in medical research doesn't get you a job on the outside - perceived as too highly qualified to take ANY job.

Who's interested in sequence data outside of us ? Nobody.

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