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Unhappy ATACseq - large nucleosome peaks

Hello everyone!

I am new to ATAC seq and I'm having problems with my libraries. I'd very very thankful if anyone of you is willing to help.

From the bioanalyzer profile I se the 180 bp peak and it should be the mono-nucleosome peak. And that's ok.

The problem is I see other larger peaks (possibly the multiple nucleosomes?) but they have higher intensity than the 180 bp peaks!

I'm a completely noob, but I've been told this is a problem. That larger nucleosomes peaks should be present, but with less intensity compared to the 180 bp peaks. Do you suggest me to sequence these library or throw them away and trying again? Maybe trying to improve my tagmentation step?

I read some similar thread in the forum but nobody is actually having my same bioanalyzer profile (or at least I didn't found it).

I'm attaching some pics of the byoanalizer profiles so maybe you could better figure it out what I am talking about.

Please, any opinion/advice/suggestion would be a great help!



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