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Originally Posted by gringer View Post
If money is the limiting factor, rather than time, then carrying out sequencing using a single cartridge is possible, it will just take longer. A single MinION probably won't (yet) produce enough sequence in a 40h run, but two or three might be enough.

Then again, if money is the sole factor of consideration, neither Oxford Nanopore nor Pacific Biosciences will be an appropriate solution.
Nothing is ever the sole factor of consideration. And in my experience, money is ALWAYS a limiting factor, as usual it is a trade off. Pac Bio and hopefully Oxford Nanopore have a huge advantage in de novo assembly. Assemblies from just Illumina data can be insanely fragmented, the rubber tree genome for example consists of 1.2 million contigs. That is what could be done at the time for a reasonable cost and time expense, maybe when the gridION (hopefully at this point it is a case of when and not if) is released, more complete genomes will be obtainable for reasonable costs.
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