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Default Blast2go pipeline

dear all,

I have two questions about blast2go.

1. Is the blast2go pipeline(b2g4pipe) still free to use. Because I checked the website of Blast2Go. The command line version need to buy. Are there any free software likw Blast2Go and it is free?

2. I still have the version 2.5 of b2g4pipe. Today, I tried to run it again. I found I can not connect to database b2g_aug12 anymore, the error message is the following:

Problem connecting to database b2g_aug12 on as blast2go with password starts with bla*****: Syntax error or access violation, message from server: "Access denied for user 'blast2go'@'%' to database 'b2g_aug12'"
Database or network connection (timeout) error for:
Annotation of 0 seqs with 0 annots finished. Now searching for orfan IPRs...
B2G-Pipe finished

Could somebody gives me a suggestion?

Thank you.

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