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Default RTG Core 3.4.3 / RTG Tools 3.4.3

New stable releases are now available which include bug fixes as well as improvements to documentation and error handling, so users should update to the new release.

The first of these is RTG Core 3.4.3, the changes compared to RTG Core 3.4.2 are listed below. Commercial users may download the update from our website at Non-commercial users can download the update from our website at or build from the updated source on github.

We have also produced updated builds of our utilities package, RTG Tools 3.4.3, which is made freely available for non-commercial or commercial use alike. More information and download links are available from our website at

RTG Core 3.4.3 (2015-03-19)

This is primarily a bugfix release:

* map: Fixed a crash that could occur when mapping without any sample
sex specified but when using a reference genome containing
chromosome sex information.

* somatic: Fixed a rare crash that could occur when calling across
blocks of Ns when the only hypothesis presented by the reads was a
deletion of sufficient length.

* vcfeval: Improved handling in situations where variants are so dense
within a region that there are too many possible haplotypes to
feasibly resolve. Previously operation would abort, now a warning is
issued and both baseline and called variants within that region are
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