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I know this is a bit late but I just stumbled over this error today so I thought I'd make an account and post the solution.

In my case, the environment variable WISECONFIGDIR was set incorrectly.

I "fixed" that by downloading my own installation of wise, since genewise was already installed system-wide, from here :

Then extracted it in my home directory, and set WISECONFIGDIR to the wisecfg/ subfolder of the extracted folder:

export WISECONFIGDIR=/home/bla/wise2.2.3-rc7/wisecfg

Now CEGMA works. This uses of course the system-wide installation of genewise.

(As a sidenote: You can save some time by running CEGMA with the -ext flag, that way CEGMA will continue roughly from where it crashed - but might continue on incomplete results!)

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