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For comparison, the MinION consumable costs (in USD) are available on the ONT website. Here are some examples:

Initial [capital] cost: $1000 (includes 2x flow cells, one sequencing kit for 6x runs, one wash kit for 12x runs)

Flow cells: $900 (x1); $9480 (x12 @ $790); $16200 (24 @ $675); $24000 (48 @ $500)

Standard Reagent kits: $510-$660 (6x runs)

Rapid Barcoding kit: $672 (12 samples x 6 runs)

Flow cell wash kit: $189 (allows flow cell to be re-used; wash buffer for 12 additional runs)

Current yield is about 5-15Gb. There are a few labs that have successfully run >10Gb runs through careful sample prep, purification, and removal of short sequences (<500bp).

Current accuracy is about 85-95%; consensus accuracy is about 97-99%. Accuracy will improve over time for existing sequencing runs/data via re-basecalling with the implementation of improved sequencing models.
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