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Originally Posted by kmcarr View Post
@GenoMax: Yeah I agree, I was just feeling particularly crabby this AM. I'm also remembering the time we sprung for a second GAIIx only to have Illumina Announce the HiSeq a week or two after that order was booked.
Yikes! You probably know your sales person well by now. It is possible that (s)he may not have been aware of the new sequencer until this week. At least that was my impression from some past conversations.

With AGBT so close, it remains to be seen if we will see another major announcement there.

And while sequence is sequence regardless of instrument, $/Gbp do matter to researchers. We were loosing business because we had a 2500 as our top instrument and researchers were going elsewhere to get cheaper sequencing done on a 4000. I fear the in a year's time, when enough NovaSeq's are in the field we will be right back in the same boat.
That is a true concern. Some institutions subsidize their cores in creative ways and competing fairly (on price) with such cores becomes very hard. Unfortunately these are things that you can't control.

All that said, after digging into the specs (as sparse as they are) it looks to me as though the NovaSeq flow cells are single sample, like the NextSeq. Not a single bit of the literature uses the word "lane". If that is the case then its target market isn't a core like ours. If indeed each flow cell is loaded with a single sample then it would not be a nightmare for a core like ours to coordinate multiple projects to fill up one massive sample load.
Specs talk about 132 exomes/transcriptomes per run so perhaps the idea is to load one single pool (of many) on every run, if there are no independent "lanes" See next post.

Creating a big pool with compatible samples would be a headache for a core as some customers like to make their own libraries to save costs.

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