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Yes, we are able to re-allocate spare HiSeq X capacity. There are several groups around the world needing to do WGS without the internal means or access. These projects are typically small to medium sized population studies. Access to a high throughput center can take a significant amount of time. We're in a unique position to understand both the demand and available capacity at several of these institutions.

We don't have concrete information on whether the limit on HiSeq X for WGS is arbitrary. I would venture to guess that the limit would eventually be lifted, even it's in the form of another flavor of instrument. I suspect the same for the minimum purchase requirement.

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Are you indicating that you would be in a position to re-allocate spare HiSeq X capacity (if such a thing exists)?

Discussions over in another thread seem to indicate arbitrary limits on what owner's can do (only human samples/genomes etc). Unless most of that is speculation and you know otherwise.
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