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Originally Posted by rzeng View Post
Thanks GenoMax, That helps a lot!

So my data ID lines do NOT have tags on them, is that mean my data has not been processed by the Illumina pipeline?

Can I ask Illumina company to re-add tags on data ID lines by using Illumina pipeline or I can do it by downloading Illumina pipeline? This makes me confused because the tags are supposed to be added ALREADY when I got the raw data for R1 and R2 according to my understanding, right?
Your files have been processed by the illumina pipeline but the samples have not been demultiplexed. If the samples were de-multiplexed by your sequence provider then they would have given you just two files (R1 and R2 reads). You seem have three files with the tag in a separate file.

If you are able to ask the provider to demultiplex the samples that would be the best solution but since this data is old it may not be feasible at this time.
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