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Originally Posted by thermophile View Post
I'm interested in starting to use the minion for meso-throughput targeted sequencing (1.5-3kb amplicons). I haven't heard error rates for the R9 since just after they were released (Nick Loman's blog). What are people getting in the wild? If you can fully overlap the 2d reads, what's the consensus sequence error rate?

Good question. For 1D it is ~10-12% now, somewhat sample/sequence and alignment dependent. That would give you ~5-fold more data compared to 2D runs, but if you plan for barcoding and don't need the troughput 2D gives slightly lower error rates (can be ~3% but more often 6-10).

Consensus errors (from many reads) are mainly around short homopolymers but other sequences can show up as heterozygotes as well before polishing.
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