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Question Assembling raw reads with Canu, but without correction

Hello friends,

I have raw ONP and PacBio reads for the human genome, ecoli, and yeast, and I want to test Canu's performance on them, without correction.

If I understand correctly, I would only execute the assemble step of Canu, and specify -nanopore-raw or -pacbio-raw, depending on the technology.

Is this correct?

Also, what other parameters should I set/tweak to get better accuracy in this scenario? Some candidate parameters I know:
  • rawErrorRate
  • utgOvlErrorRate
  • utgGraphDeviation
  • utgRepeatDeviation
  • utgRepeatConfusedBP

Also, is there a platform where I can ask this to the developers of Canu? Is github/issues the right place for such a question?

Any response greatly appreciated!

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