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Thank you very much for your help!
What about Q2, I have found a paper

where the author writes:

"DNA exists naturally as a double-stranded molecule, where one strand is encoded as a complementary molecule to the other strand. Based on this information redundancy, if the sequences of the two strands can be determined individually, it is possible to correct most if not all PCR and sequencing errors by calling a perfect match between the two complementary DNA strands. Such methods were termed as “duplex sequencing”. Several NGS studies have reported that, through duplex DNA sequencing approach and scoring only the SNVs with matched complementary sequences on both DNA strands, PCR errors and sequencing errors can be removed"

What do you think about it?
What about RNA probes, I read that RNA generates R-Loop when hybridizes with DNA, but this event happens always?Do you think that a RNA probes can generate a R-loop?
Thank you again!!

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