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It would be good if we can do so!


I think the GCAT would be very useful, not only on evaluating pipelines in a more interactive way. At certain time point, would you think GCAT would also act as a portal for proficiency test platform for clinical NGS lab?

I think what the clinical NGS field lack so far (in a public scale) is that one that

1) provide reliable CRM
2) provide an independent platform to assess the result.


Originally Posted by Joann View Post
Yes, I would recommend writing these things up in some detail, vetting it here on the SEQanswers forum for any additional comment or question by users, either in synopsis form or as a link to the entire protocol or both, and then consider making it a formal presentation to the FGED board for possible adoption and/or a presentation at the next FGED meeting and also posting it to the Wiki site.

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