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Hi lpantano!

Thanks for your interest in the wiki! Very briefly, there are two main aspects to this project[1]:
a) collecting and maintaining data, and
b) building new pages and presenting data in new ways.

Part a) is very active[2] and any help you can provide or recruit would be awesome! The more people working on the wiki, the closer we can come to the goals you mention above :-)

Part b) is harder (requires more investment in learning the software), and essentially its all been done by me so far. However, there's tons of documentation[3], and anyone wanting to work on part b) is more than welcome!

At some point I'm planning to write a database 'update' paper, and the main contributors will be listed as authors on that paper, as with the original[1].

Thanks again for your interest!

[1] For more details, see The SEQanswers wiki: a wiki database of tools for high-throughput sequencing analysis
[2] Relative being the key word ;-) but see the page of recent changes to keep track of activity.
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