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You can call me Lorena.

Thanks for the information.

It would be great to have all term that are not in EDAM, adn modigy those. How can we do that?
Once I have those terms I can start changing each entry. What I don't know here is how to find the correct term in case it exists, and then how we can create otherwise? Once I have this information I will put my hands on it. I am willing to!

Defenetly it would be great, although I don't know if possible as you say. But knowing that we can give this information to the user, we can put some tips like: "check first which term suit for you tool...blablabla" (probably some will do it).

I think there is not input for email. It would be great. Meanwhile, could you have all users who have put any entry, get their emails and send them any message?

I think that we can do:

1-email to all users of the software wiki telling how to reduce redundancy
2-a general post somewhere try to call more people to put more tools. We need just to post the message in the correct forums and I am sure we will be get a good reaction. SeqAnswer is famous enough to atrack people. Although I would do this after point 1 is done, the terms are minimized according to EDAM, and we have some tips to help new users.

If you want I can start wirting a draft to send to the users, then you improve it , and send it. And this would help to write some tips for new users on how to choose the correct EDAM term.

let me know what do you think!
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