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Excellent suggestions! I agree 100%

Lets put this within the 'help' pages of the wiki. I've been very remiss on that front, as there is practically no user-help whatsoever! I think it's a really good idea to plug this gap with some clear guidelines for would-be contributors!

Your idea to have a session at ISMB is fantastic! If we could do that it would be awesome! What are the steps involved?

Thanks so much for helping with the wiki! I'm looking forward to new ideas, but as always, very short of time to do anything concrete...

Should we draft out the form of the help page to begin with? If you made an overview (i.e. things you'd like help with), I'd be able to fill in details... I think the 'Help' Namespace is the right place to put it...

Thanks for not giving up on this ;-)
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