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I wrote down some tips to add/edit tools. They are on help pages.

I think that it would be good to have a link in red colour, or anything that catch attention on the following pages that I don't know how to add it:

2-at the top of the page when someone is adding the tool. The form page. Or next to the input field when you have to type the terms of your tool

what do you think?

Another ideas that could be done quickly.

1-we can create a specific place to discuss about the term used to classified the tools in the forum, maybe this way we can create a community to agree in terms, and in case that appears new methods, it would be easy to create a new term. If so, we can put this link on the same place I mentioned before.
2-if a list you some terms that should be change in many tools, could you do it automatically?. There are terms that are wrong in ten or more tools, and it is a little pain in the ass to change them one by one

more ideas, but best work on these first
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