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Originally Posted by Bob-Harris View Post
The short answer is you need to use lastz_32 instead of lastz.

The long answer… the default lastz build can only handle a target up to 2Gbp combined length. This was a conscious design choice (circa 2004), as there is some efficiency gain from limiting the variables that track sequence positions to 31 bits. The lastz_32 build relaxes that constraint so that it can handle a target up to 4Gbp combined length.

The efficiency gain was more important on machines 10 years ago than it is now, but for backward compatibility I am keeping that as the default behavior. I'll (probably) change this error report on future releases so that it tells the user to consider using lastz_32.

The issue is discussed in the readme file here:

Bob H
(lastz author)
sorry, my late thread..

I solve the problem with upper.
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